Unplugged from TV

Today I received confirmation that my cable TV subscription is cancelled as per my request and this opens up an opportunity for an interesting experiment. Once the technicians have unplugged everything, I plan on finding out on whether I actually can live without TV programme. In theory this should be easy – even now I mostly only watch documentary and news. In practice this might turn out differently, though. Luckily, I will be able to receive most public TV stations via digital antenna (DVB-T), so I can keep up to speed on events. For the time being, I’m holding off on getting such an antenna and want to see, if I can go completely without any of this. Beyond that, I certainly will miss Eurosport – I do like to watch cycling and a number of other sports and they showed them all. For the other private TV stations, I can probably go without them. I don’t need shopping channels and most series and movies I’m interested in, I buy on DVD, anyway, so I can watch them without being interrupted by ads for the latest skin moisturizers, hair wash or diapers. And I definitely don’t care for rubbish like the local versions of American Idol, talk shows, quiz shows, soap operas or those unbearable Saturday evening music shows for elderly people. In any case, this will be interesting.

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