NAB is going to be full of 3D-esque plug-ins!

Also grabbed from Toolfarm, is some other news, hinting at a new 3D plugin from Zaxwerks, called Serpentine. Now, as a long time 3D artist I do not get too exited about such stuff, but apparently enough people find the plug-ins useful, so this should be again a good sell for Zax. Another 3D plug-in discussed recently on the AE List, is the revival of FreeForm, now being distributed by Digieffects. Older users may still remember it, but apparently it has been neglected for years now and was never updated, nor could people buy new licenses.t provides you with a freely deformable plane that can be mapped in fancy ways. Also deformable are now most of Boris Continuum Complete 6 ‘s 3D effects, allowing you to bend text in 3D space for instance. The pack has been out for a few weeks now, but on NAB they are surely going to demo it heavily. To conclude, I was going to post some info on yet another plug-in, but then I remembered my NDA, so no news. Stay tuned, though, you’re gonna love that one and it’s surely the most exciting of the lot…

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