I want my COPIC markers!

/Rant mode on/

Okay, you dorks, here’s a challenge for you: The first person or company who manages to get me the full A, B and C sets of COPIC markers such as visible here will get – erm, exactly nothing. Don’t think that’s a fair deal? Well, then by all means consider, that you are already have access to about 100 free projects on my site, some of them quite complex, and new ones being added, you can research a comprehensive Adobe After Effects error code database with new bits and pieces being added here and there every now and then and I may even get the mess that is the Plug-in Guide working again one of these days. Still not enough? Well, then perhaps one of my forum posts helped you finish your project just yesterday? I really do think I do my share and 4.30 Euros per pen as compensation is a fair price for my services, if only so I can play Adobe Kuler for real and re-arrange the pens in new combinations every day.

/Rant mode off/

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