The Watchmen being watched

Last night I went out to see The Watchmen on the big screen and it really wasn’t that bad. Admittedly, it was nowhere near as dark and gloomy, as one could assume by just watching the trailer. That was kind of a setback initially, as the whole movie isn’t the punked-up Art Nouveau world I had envisioned nor is it really that “alternate” for someone who has grown up in the 80s and 90s. It was still not bad, though, just in a different way. What it lacked in set dressing was made up by some original twists in the story and the sharpness in the characters. Yes, they are clichéed and stereotypical, but in a very extreme way. In a weird way, this helped knitting the story, as the extreme caricature nature of the characters offered some sharp corners that cut like a knife and served as a starting point for some twists. Even though the plot was very predictable from the start, I never felt bored. It even has some good jokes in it and The Comedian‘s cynical attitude and Rohrschach‘s paranoia were very believable. I also liked the soundtrack, that uses some very well-known hits from the era here and there. Had my head swinging along the rhythm a few times. What I didn’t liek was the CG work. Contrary to the buzz, I thought Dr. Manhattan looked crap. Okay, it looked believable in a few shots, but most of the time he looked like a Ray Harryhausen Djin out of the lamp. The same goes for some of his creations like the glass clockwork mechanism on mars. Looked like a raytracing demo. Some other effects were okay, but rather unimaginative in terms of “I have seen that in a hundred movies already.” One final word regarding R-rated the content of the film: Sure, it made the day for some of the attending crowd, but I feel that the movie would have worked without it. Come to think of it, the sex scenes are still typical American prudery and personally I don’t need to see how someone gets sliced up, when in the next shot he’s laying bleeding on the floor.

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