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The Hottie and the Nottie

The logs on my petit server are amazing me more and more every month. The overall number of visits and page impressions is steadily rising still, but what’s unexpected is the stuff people are coming for. It’s actually quite weird, that my really simple and cheesy 3D models (of which there are only 4 so […]

Wacom does some new Intuos

Wacom, these days probably the only manufacturer that takes the tablet business serious and also does some R&D, has once more renewed its line of products by releasing the 4th iteration of their Intuos series. I’ve been doing some reading up those last 2 days and from the looks of it, they have done the […]

I want my COPIC markers!

/Rant mode on/ Okay, you dorks, here’s a challenge for you: The first person or company who manages to get me the full A, B and C sets of COPIC markers such as visible here will get – erm, exactly nothing. Don’t think that’s a fair deal? Well, then by all means consider, that you […]

NAB is going to be full of 3D-esque plug-ins!

Also grabbed from Toolfarm, is some other news, hinting at a new 3D plugin from Zaxwerks, called Serpentine. Now, as a long time 3D artist I do not get too exited about such stuff, but apparently enough people find the plug-ins useful, so this should be again a good sell for Zax. Another 3D plug-in […]

Final Cut Studio 3 going to be Phenomenal?

Well, I’m usually not one to put fuel into the fire, but it seems Michele from Toolfarm heard a little birdsy sing in the grapevine that sings of Final Cut Studio 3 being released next week, possibly including the much anticipated successor to Shake and new ├╝ber-compositing app, code-named Phenomenon. Cool news, but once again […]

The Watchmen being watched

Last night I went out to see The Watchmen on the big screen and it really wasn’t that bad. Admittedly, it was nowhere near as dark and gloomy, as one could assume by just watching the trailer. That was kind of a setback initially, as the whole movie isn’t the punked-up Art Nouveau world I […]

The World runs Amok…

…and so does the media. Following today’s incident, where a 17 year old frakk-up ran amok in the small town of Winnenden, is an almost unbearable, artificially inflated buzz everywhere. Now do I think it’s a bad thing if kids shoot other kids? Sure. Do I think those people are sick? Sure. Do I think […]