The Flow is just a Drop or: Another Post for Steve

Ooh yeah, Flow from GridIron Software is out – sort of/ not quite/ somehow. After much delay, the Mac public Beta is available/ seems to be available. Am I excited? Not really, ‘cos naturally all our production systems run on PCs. *yikes* Even more waiting. This really is killing any enthusiasm I might have had at some point. Okay, I can’t blame them for not getting me on their private Beta, as it’s their decision after all, but that would have been something nice (you know, Steve, even in the CS4 madness I could have found the time to do something for you). Now here I sit, my freshly cleaned flat scenting of Mr. Proper Citrus, my nose dripping from a slight cold and my mind spinning around, think “Why, oh why.” with no new toy to play.

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