The coolest game ever?

While, as mentioned in an earlier blog entry, I do not spend much time gaming, recently there has been a number of games that piqued my interest. Not only did that old love of mine, Tomb Raider, finally get the treatment it deserves with Underworld, but also have some very original and in their own way odd games popped up. First there was World of Goo, which takes a simple principle and some physics to guarantee fun and now there is the wonderful Machinarium, which, though in gameplay is just a point and click adventure, has this weird and mysterious graphical style that makes it look like a playable book. Quite fascinating, I must say. I’m already in love with the little robots just by seeing the preview clip. All of these games make me crave even more for a new computer just to play them out in their full beauty at maximum screen resolution. Anyway, it seems, finally, after years of being stuck with the hundredth version of first person shooters, the ever same strategy games or those money-stealing online games, each of which mostly differed in graphical style and quality, but not concept, we are back in the good old days of Lemmings and similar games that could convince even without all the eyecandy.

Found via Motionographer

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