Free content – some ponderings

Just had a quick look at this month’s access logs on my server’s content section ( and all I can say – they are impressive and frustrating in the same way. On the positive side, it’s nice to see that people really are interested and seem to be using my lo-fi shit. There are almost 300 downloads for this first week of February. The bad side is, that really no-one ever donates. Now granted, times are bad and whatnot, but it would really be nice. You know, I still have this dream of a shiny new Core7i workstation standing on my desktop some day soon, but I need some more money to make it happen. So let’s assume each of the 300 downloads would have been a 5 dollar donation, I’d already be 1500 bucks closer to taking the plunge. Considering, that we still have 3 weeks to go for this month alone, think of the possibilities… And if you think I’m begging while being a sticky ass myself: You are wrong! I pay for stuff I like within the limits of what my budget allows. I’ll gladly buy any Jos Buivenga font on MyFonts and actually I even sent him money for his free fonts. I’m using Anivers, Fontin Sans and Delicious all the time for my own printouts. They just look great. So if you are using my projects and presets heavily, maybe consider helping me make my dream come true. I promise, I will keep working on more stuff for your enjoyment. And as a matter of fact, I’m already reworking older projects to make them more easily usable plus I’m finishing up a ton of projects that have been sitting on my hard drive half-finished.

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