I want to go to Las Vegas! But not because of what you think.

I’m really melancholic today… After I saw Cirque du Soleil‘s for the third time on TV, I’m dying to see it at least once in my life and that better be soon, as apparently those shows will only run as long as they make decent money and will be replaced some day. Picture me like this: I get up at 3 in the morning to watch this stuff on arte again, some artsy “high culture channel” on public TV, and while I’m damn frustrated because again for technical reasons I’m unable to record it, I’m just as excited and enawed as last year, when I wrote this article after seeing it the first two times. Now I’m suffering from this unbearable craving that for some reason makes me peek my eyes out for every opportunity to snatch at least the US DVD, regardless how costly an experiment that would become, which – my luck – is currently out of stock everywhere. *argh*

That particular incident also reminded me about another speciality of Las Vegas relevant to me – NAB. Many of my friends from the circles of After Effects users, plug-in developers, motion graphics artists and last not least Adobe staff keep asking me again and again every year, and apart from the fact that I never have the money and other considerations, it’s simply not particularly high on my list. Tradeshows are boring, no matter whether as a visitor or as someone working there.

If I ever will take the plunge and throw out the money, I want it to be the greatest experience of my life! After I work all day on the show or whatever, I want to have something to look forward! I don’t mean dinners and parties where I’m the only one not having fun, because I don’t drink any alcohol. I want to see the Cirque shows! All of them! One every day! I want to be tired by excitement, when others are tired from their hangovers! I want 5th row seats smack center stage, not some cushy lounge bar sofas! I want trained bodies moving in perfect sync with music, not some odd people dancing to weird music! …And after I’ve seen Kà, «O», Chris Angel Believe, Mystére, Zumanity and Love, I want tickets to Asia, so I can watch Zed and Zaia.

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